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We do all refrigeration systems, repair, and initial installation and maintenance of the project sales activities that are currently in use. Our company is aware of the importance of continuity and thus, to ensure the efficiency of the cooler is always fast and professional response to the quality of the customer service centers are willing to choose and invest in after-sales service. We also copper pipes turnkey projects, the site works. The goal is to provide fast and efficient customer service. All cooling devices used in the automotive and food industry refrigeration industry are the areas of specialization. Customer service or spare parts requests write to the address. A system failure is unpredictable. But the company is. With years of experience and good services in the region related to the cooling devices, we can guarantee quick response and repair. You can reach the company Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week three days a year.
Our company aiming to take place in the industrial refrigeration sector,and has achieved great successes in a short time for introducing the world to its quality. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, IE Cooling continues with the principle of " we must not compromise on product quality". We should not forget that our company exists for you and we want to increase the potential of satisfied customers by establishing long relations as soon as possible.Reliable company with new technologies in Turn-key (Refrigeration) .We are moving forward to our goals to achieve customer satisfaction and give them better services. IE COOLING employees are the team that has been studying education and arge throughout the world for 10 years. Refrigeration system manufacturing industry on which to concentrate their studies, doing research on employee cooling machines according to the needs of customers, producing efficient and traceable cold rooms is a real technology and engineering company in Turkey.
As Sagi Engineering; We operates in industrial cooling systems manufacturing, cold room, cold room panel, cold room door and commercial refrigeration spare parts sales & service. We believe that our company will be the best solution partner for your ongoing and future projects.
On the initiative of Seyda Yuce Yalcin, BuzRefrigeration company located in Konya Industry Area began to serve refrigeration sector with the products of commercial refrigerators, industrial cooling systems, cold rooms, shop and market equipments and heat exchangers. Having developed its portfolio in a short time BuzRefrigeration has delivered its service quality to all over the world, mainly Israel, England, Tunisia, Lebanon, France, Germany.
Senkar Refrigeration Systems Industry Ltd, has been expanded the portfolio in the year of Millennium and assertively continues to serve by the newest models thanks to high-tec manufacturing systems. SENKAR COOLING SYSTEMS INDUSTRY established in 1988 by the Brothers Yasar and Husamettin Uysal manufactures the industry coolers. Our main target is customer satisfaction and upmost customer services to supply the requirements of Supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, pastries, hotels, bakeries, hospitals, touristic facilities and etc... establishes. SENKAR COOLING SYTEMS INDUSTRY has stores, dealers and distributors all over Turkey and is active in 20 countries ; United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, France, Greece, Georgia, Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Kuveyt, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and neighboring areas, Kenya and all African Region.
PROSO Professional Cooling is your “Solution Partner” in offering of integrated systems projects applied to cooling systems, cold rooms and refrigerated display cabinets, including pre-project training, consulting service, system design and production, selection of equipments-technologies and energy saving applications services. It also provides maintenance, supply of spare parts, installation and remodeling services using its experience and knowledge for more than 20 years, in the way of getting total satisfaction of its customers. In line with constantly evolving technologies, PROSO Professional Cooling continues its efforts to follow and implement the latest developments in the refrigeration sector according to the new requirements of the market. Beyond products selling, our company policy is to assess customer’s needs and provide “turkey projects” with the appropriate solution and the most reasonable cost. PROSO Professional Cooling aims to become a reference regarding combination and submission of superior quality products according to the standards and a concept of advanced service, meeting the customer demand. This remains the indispensable principle of the company.