Senkar Refrigeration Systems Industry Ltd, has been expanded the portfolio in the year of Millennium and assertively continues to serve by the newest models thanks to high-tec manufacturing systems. SENKAR COOLING SYSTEMS INDUSTRY established in 1988 by the Brothers Yasar and Husamettin Uysal manufactures the industry coolers. Our main target is customer satisfaction and upmost customer services to supply the requirements of Supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, pastries, hotels, bakeries, hospitals, touristic facilities and etc... establishes. SENKAR COOLING SYTEMS INDUSTRY has stores, dealers and distributors all over Turkey and is active in 20 countries ; United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, France, Greece, Georgia, Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Kuveyt, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and neighboring areas, Kenya and all African Region.

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